Enjoy Fishing in Sokcho
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Do you want to feel the fun of fishing?

As Sokcho is a port city, fishing is easily accessible you can easily enjoy fishing in major ports, piers, and embankments. The most popular spots for sea fishing in the city include Sokchohang Port, Daepohang Port, and Dongmyeonghang Port. Fishing is particularly popular in Sokcho because you can go fishing in all four seasons for a variety of species. You can fish in piers and embankments, but when you go to Jangsahang Port, an area known for its fishing village, you can go fishing on a boat.

It is of course good to just sit and stare at the sea, but there is something to appreciate when you actually try fishing yourself. You do not have to know a thing about fishing. Inexperienced newbies can try and feel the fun of fishing in Sokcho. Time will surely fly when you hold a fishing pole and focus.

Best Spots to Enjoy Fishing

Daepohang Port

More tourists come here than the locals, but this is one of the most well-known fishing areas because you can easily catch rock trout, flounder, sea eel, halibut, smelt-whiting, and gizzard shad.

Jangsahang Port

Jangsahang Port and its embankment are a great place to catch black porgy, halfbeak, halibut, and spotty belly greenling. There are fisheries for boat fishing, so you can try fishing on a boat all
year round.

Sokchohang Port

Dongmyeong Embankment in Sokchohang Port is very popular because you can enjoy fishing anytime of the year. A variety of species live nearby, including flounder, rockfish, and sea eel.

Inquiry to rent a fishing boat Contact +82-33-639-2689 (Tourism Information Center)

Sokcho Tourist Information

Sunrise Park Tourist Information Center Center

 Location : 3664, Donghae-daero, Sokcho-si
Telephone : +82-33-635-2003

Sokcho Express Bus Terminal Tourist Information Center

Location : 3988, Donghae-daero, Sokcho-si
Telephone : +82-33-639-2689

Sokcho Intercity Bus Terminal Tourist Information Center

Location : 16, Jangan-ro, Sokcho-si
Telephone : +82-33-639-2830

Sokcho Tourist & Fishery Market Tourist Information Center

Location : 191, subok-ro, Sokcho-si
Telephone : +82-33-639-2568
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