Night Walk in the Moonlight
여행 정보 요약

Take in Sokcho’s Night Time Scenes at Romantic Lakes and Beaches

Consider taking a walk at night under the bright moonlight and starlight. Cheongchoho Lake Park provides a romantic atmosphere with colorful lights at night. The ocean bridge and Cheongchojeong Pavilion located north of the park and the lighting in Expo Plaza create a fantastic view along the lakeside. While Younggeumjeong Pavilion is known as a great spot to see the sunrise, it is also a great place to enjoy the city’s night view and night sea. Younggeumjeong Pavilion was designated as one of Korea's top 100 night tourist attractions by Korea Tourism Organization in April 2020. At night, Dongmyeonghaegyo Bridge and Younggeumjeong Pavilion are painted with colorful lights, making the sea even more beautiful. Let’s go on a night trip to enjoy the sound of waves and the colorful lights decorating the bridges and pavilions.

Cheongchoho Lake Cheongchohoban-ro, Sokcho-si | Telephone +82-33-639-2690 
Younggeumjeong Pavilion 43, Yeonggeumjeong-ro, Sokcho-si | Telephone+82-33-639-2690

Feel mesmerized by staring at the water from an oceanfront café

How to be Hip and Enjoy the Sea in Sokcho

Put this on your bucket list for a beautiful coastal city of Sokcho: stare at the water from an oceanfront café and leave your troubles behind. Staring at the water will make you stop thinking about things going on in your life and feel surprisingly calm. It is almost like meditation. Sit in any of the oceanfront cafés in Sokcho and gaze into the gentle waves and the horizon dividing the sky and the ocean. That will bring inner peace into your life.

Sokcho Tourist Information

Sunrise Park Tourist Information Center Center

 Location : 3664, Donghae-daero, Sokcho-si
Telephone : +82-33-635-2003

Sokcho Express Bus Terminal Tourist Information Center

Location : 3988, Donghae-daero, Sokcho-si
Telephone : +82-33-639-2689

Sokcho Intercity Bus Terminal Tourist Information Center

Location : 16, Jangan-ro, Sokcho-si
Telephone : +82-33-639-2830

Sokcho Tourist & Fishery Market Tourist Information Center

Location : 191, subok-ro, Sokcho-si
Telephone : +82-33-639-2568
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