Abai Village
여행 정보 요약

Take a Gaetbae Boat into Abai Village

Try North Korean Dish at the Filming Site of “Autumn In My Heart”

If you are looking for a place where Sokcho’s culture is well preserved, take a Gaetbae Boat into Cheonghodong. This Gaetbae Boat, which moves only when people onboard attach a hook and pull the metal wire laid in the bottom of the water, is the fastest way to connect downtown Sokcho and Abai Village in Cheongho-dong. The murals painted in alleys embody the joys and sorrows of North Korean refugees of the Korean War who had settled down in Sokcho. This village became an international tourist attraction as the filming site of a TV series called “Autumn In My Heart” after the drama became a huge hit. This village is particularly known for traditional North Korean dishes passed down from the refugees, including Abai Sundae (North Korean-style sausage), stuffed pollack, Hamheung-style cold buckwheat noodles, and Hamheung-style short rib soup.

Gaetbae Boat Dock 39, Jungangbudu-gil, Sokcho-si | Operating hours Summer 05:00-23:00, Winter 05:30-22:30 | Entrance Fees One-way 500 won per adult
Abai Village 122, Cheongho-ro, Sokcho-si | Telephone +82-33-639-2690 | www.abai.co.kr

Old Sokcho Station and Refugee Culture Village

Time Travel to Sokcho’s Past

The culture of North Korean refugees in Sokcho can be found at Sokcho Museum. The museum exhibits the old Sokcho Station, which no longer operates. It shows the history of the Donghae Bukbu Line, a railway that no longer operates, and the old train time table. The museum also has the Refugee Village, which exactly reproduced Abai Village in Cheongho-dong and the traditional houses of five North Korean Provinces. This time travel to the past will let you see the shacks embodying the joys and sorrows of the refugees and help you better understand the culture and people of Sokcho.

Sokcho Museum 16, Sinheung 2-gil, Sokcho-si | Operating hours Mar-Oct 09:00-18:00, Nov-Feb 09:00-17:00 (Closed on Mondays) | Entrance Fees Adult 2,000 won

Sokcho Tourist Information

Sunrise Park Tourist Information Center Center

 Location : 3664, Donghae-daero, Sokcho-si
Telephone : +82-33-635-2003

Sokcho Express Bus Terminal Tourist Information Center

Location : 3988, Donghae-daero, Sokcho-si
Telephone : +82-33-639-2689

Sokcho Intercity Bus Terminal Tourist Information Center

Location : 16, Jangan-ro, Sokcho-si
Telephone : +82-33-639-2830

Sokcho Tourist & Fishery Market Tourist Information Center

Location : 191, subok-ro, Sokcho-si
Telephone : +82-33-639-2568
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