Seoraksan Mountain
여행 정보 요약

Climb Seoraksan Mountain and Enjoy Makgeolli

It’s My Turn to Hike One of the Best Mountains in Korea in All Four Seasons!

Magnificent and beautiful Seoraksan Mountainis the third highest mountain in South Korea after Hallasan Mountain and Jirisan Mountain, with its Daecheongbong Peak at 1,708 m above sea level. However, it offers three trails where even inexperienced climbers can fully enjoy the beauty of the mountain. Rocking Stone Trail is one of the easiest ones.You can enjoy hiking and try pushing the famous Rocking Stone that can never be pushed down. Biseondae Rock Trail is another good one with a gentle slope and grand features of the mountain. Biryong Falls Trail is perfect if you want to enjoy quiet paths and stunning waterfalls. On the way down the mountain, it is a must to have a green onion pancake and acorn jelly salad as well as a glass of makgeolli (rice wine).

Location 833, Seoraksan-ro, Sokcho-si | Telephone +82-33-801-0900 | Entrance Fees Adults 3,500 won |


Rocking Stone Trail

one-way: 2.8km, 1 hour

Biryong Falls Trail

one-way: 2.8km, 1hour 30mins

Biseondae Rock Trail

one-way: 3.0km, 1hour 20mins

Seorak Cable Car

Telephone +82-33-636-4300 | Entrance Fees Adults 11,000 won, Child 7,000 won, Child (under 3) Free |

Sokcho Tourist Information

Sunrise Park Tourist Information Center Center

 Location : 3664, Donghae-daero, Sokcho-si
Telephone : +82-33-635-2003

Sokcho Express Bus Terminal Tourist Information Center

Location : 3988, Donghae-daero, Sokcho-si
Telephone : +82-33-639-2689

Sokcho Intercity Bus Terminal Tourist Information Center

Location : 16, Jangan-ro, Sokcho-si
Telephone : +82-33-639-2830

Sokcho Tourist & Fishery Market Tourist Information Center

Location : 191, subok-ro, Sokcho-si
Telephone : +82-33-639-2568
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