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Hanoks and old buildings from the 1960s and 1970s have been preserved as they were, giving off an ambience of the past.

Discover the Hip and Fun Vibes in the Thousand-year Old Silla's Capital


Gyeongju, an entire World Heritage site, is the best city to explore ancient tombs. The city, where past and present coexist, was once the center of the Silla Kingdom’s golden culture, boasting cultural treasures, such as Bulguksa Temple and Cheomseongdae (stone observatory). In the heart of the city, there is even a royal tomb, but, a new, trendy way to experience Gyeongju is emerging. This is Hwangridan Street full of youth and vigor, offering shopping, delicious food and tomb views. Discover the hippest way to enjoy Hwangridan Street and its unique charm of Gyeongju.

An Old-fashioned Alley: A Must-visit Hot Course for Gyeongju Travel


Hwangridan Street, where the past and present coexist, was originally an old alley called Hwangnam Keun-gil (Hwangnam Big Street). Hanoks and old buildings from the 1960s and 1970s have been preserved as they were, giving off an ambience of the past. However, over the past few years, many old buildings have gained a youthful makeover as cozy cafés, charming gift shops and unique restaurants have opened in every alley.

Hwangridan Street is close to the Daereungwon Ancient Tombs’ back gate as well as Gyeongju’s main attractions such as Cheomseongdae, Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond, making it a must-visit place for Gyeongju visitors.

A Gourmet Paradise to Suit Visitors’ Tastes with Harmony between Old and New

From a tranquil hanok café to a nice retro spot, Hwangridan Street is a hotspot that appeals to visitors in various ways. A wide variety of delicious food, Korean, Japanese and Western cuisine, and trendy restaurants that are popular on social media, also fascinate guests with delectable dishes and stunning visuals. The street comes alive even at night with attractive pubs, including a hanok rooftop bar and outdoor food stalls that light up the street.

Cafés and restaurants have been remodeled without defiling the charm of old 1960s buildings, blending trendy styles with a touch of the past that makes Hwangridan Street so appealing. The views of the Daereungwon Ancient Tombs from the second floor of cafés are something that you cannot find anywhere else.

Exploring Hip Hwangridan Street and Making Memories


Rent hanbok (traditional Korean clothes) and stroll the street or visit Daereungwon Ancient Tombs and Cheomseongdae and take a pic of the day. You can also rent old-fashioned school uniforms and other unique costumes to create varied memories. On Hwangridan Street, you will also encounter intriguing bookstores and artistic souvenir shops. There are also many different types of snacks, such as sipwon bread (bread that resembles a KRW 10 coin), hwangnam jjondeugi (a corn-flavored chewy snack) and Cheomseongdae tarts, so you might find it hard to choose.

Venture into the alleyways, and you can discover peaceful stone-walled streets. On Hwangridan Street, you can meet murals hidden in every corner and encounter a time and space where past, present and future coexist.

Address│1080 Poseok-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Way to go│KTX Singgyeongju Station – 15 minutes by taxi





Daereungwon Ancient Tombs








Nightscape of Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond




This very spacious hanok coffee shop allows visitors to enjoy coffee and nature. You can taste specialty coffees brewed using beans roasted at the coffee shop. The vast lawn and chic interior serve as great photo spots.

Uhmamooshi Hwangnam


This elegant hanok café houses a water garden with stepping stones. Visitors can relax with a cup of coffee and tiramisu, which is one of their signature menus, while enjoying the view.

Hwangnam Gyeongju Sikdang


This is a very popular Korean restaurant in Gyeongju housed in a hanok-style structure with floor-toceiling windows. The grilled beef and pork menus Gogi Hansang (for 2–3) and Gogi Keunsang (3–4), are the most popular.

Iwol (February)


An old giwajip (tile-roofed house) was renovated into a cozy pub. Visitors can taste various different types of makgeolli (unrefined rice wine) accompanied by fusion Korean dishes, such as Truffle Cheese Potato Pancake.

From Sanglok


This hanok café with floor-to-ceiling windows is located along the Hwangnidan-gil Stone Wall Street. One of their most popular menus is the Soboro Choux, which are cream filled Korean streusel buns.

Sina Self Studio


For more special memories of your trip to Gyeongju, you can take pictures at a self photo studio. You can pose and take pictures any way you want for 15 minutes, then you can choose your best shot and have them printed in black and white.


Gyeongju-ro ON
The Gyeongju-ro ON app is an AI-based multilingual audio and docent guide that utilizes augmented reality. Major tourist spots in Gyeongju, like the Hwangridan-gil Life Cultural Center and Daegreungwon Ancient Tombs, house a travelers’ lounge equipped with luggage storage, photo booths, coffee shop and more.

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