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Don't miss the opportunity to explore this street, where fashion, delectable cuisine, and history converge!

A Walk Alongside Hwaseong Fortress


One of the most renowned attractions in Suwon is Haengnidan Street, a name derived from the fusion of haenggung (temporary palace) and Gyeongnidan Street. This is due to the abundance of unique restaurants and cafés, similar to Gyeongnidan Street in Seoul. Thanks to its popularity on social media, Haengnidan Street bustles with energy, drawing in couples and tourists alike. Located along the trail of Hwaseong Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the street is renowned for its charming cafes, workshops, and various shops which blend style with a historic ambience, making it truly unique among cities. Don't miss the opportunity to explore this street, where fashion, delectable cuisine, and history converge!

Transformation into a Hip Café Street


Haenggung-dong is a district that encompasses 12 legal-status neighborhoods around Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon. It extends from Paldalsan Mountain to the East Gate of the Fortress, and from Gyodong Sageori to the North Gate.

The vicinity of the Temporary Palace at Hwaseong Fortress, previously designated as a restricted development area, is characterized by aging houses and traditional hanok structures. However, a transformative change occurred with the initiation of the EcoMobility World Festival in 2013, aimed at revitalizing the deteriorating local environment. This led to the renovation of alleyways, restoration of old signboards, and overall enhancement of the surrounding landscape. The beautiful nighttime scenery of Hwaseong Fortress and the Haenggung-dong alleys gained significant attention on social media, primarily due to the Suwon Culture Night program that commenced in 2017.

Since then, numerous establishments, including cafés, restaurants, self-photo studios, workshops, boutiques, and pubs have been established. Old buildings that were once used as residences, fortune-telling venues, and corner shops have been creatively remodeled so that they retain their original architectural charm. As a result, Haengnidan Street has evolved into a trendy and vibrant alleyway, drawing visitors from far and wide.

Scenic Beauty Meets History

Haengnidan Street, nestled along Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon, boasts a diverse array of shops, including restaurants, cafés, workshops, and shops selling small, cute items. Stretching from Hwaseo Park to Hwahongmun Gate, this charming street naturally integrates into the residential area, creating a vibrant atmosphere. Many distinctive cafés line the street, with rooftop cafés being particularly popular. They offer visitors the opportunity to savor panoramic views of the fortress from an open-air vantage point.

But Haengnidan Street isn't just about cafés. It is also home to Hwaseong Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can explore the curved fortress, taking a leisurely stroll along its historic walls. You can also climb to the Banghwasuryujeong Pavilion, which offers sweeping vistas of the fortress. As day turns into night, the road between Hwaseomun Gate and Janganmun Gate is gracefully illuminated, creating an enchanting and antique atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Murals and Night Views


Adjacent to Haengnidan Street, you'll find the captivating Haenggung-dong Mural Village. With vibrant murals adorning the walls of its quaint, old-fashioned alleyways, stepping into this neighborhood is like entering a time capsule. These artworks contribute to the street's visual appeal, creating a nostalgic yet joyful atmosphere.

Throughout the village, you'll encounter numerous photo-worthy spots, intriguing sculptures gracing the walls, roofs, and fences, and even historic houses that have been charmingly transformed into cafés. A must-visit is the birthplace of Na Hye-seok, Korea's first female Western painter, who dedicated her life to women's rights. Her story is beautifully depicted in a mural, effectively turning the street into an open-air gallery. As the sun sets, Haengnidan Street transforms into an even livelier hub, with the evening glow casting a magical aura over the surroundings.

Address│43 Hwaseomun-ro, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do

Way to go│10-minute taxi from Exit 1 of Suwon Station, Seoul Subway Line 1 or Suin-Bundang Line



Temporary Palace at Hwaseong Fortress



Hwaseong Fortress




Banghwasuryujeong Pavilion


Jung Ji Young Coffee Roasters

(Janganmun Branch)


This local franchise has played a significant role in shaping the charm of Haengridan-gil. Nestled within an old building, the café exudes a vintage atmosphere, and its rooftop offers panoramic views of Hwaseong Fortress and Janganmun Gate.

Haenggung 81.2


This 3-story white café has large windows that offer splendid vistas of its surroundings. The café’s charm is further enhanced by its blue door and captivating view from the rooftop.

Café Onu Yeowol


The name of this café translates to “warm and gentle as the moon.” It encapsulates their philosophy of extending a warm and inviting welcome to all who visit. The dried persimmon rolls with walnut and cream cheese is a particularly popular dessert choice.

Tea Room Kyungandang


Named using characters to mean “large and comfortable house,” this hanok (traditional Korean house) café has a small waterfall in the garden. The dried persimmon rolls with tangerine is one of their signature menus.

Haenggung Geurida


This drawing café lets customers draw their experience of Haengridan-gil on paper. While ordering drinks, visitors can also “order drawings.” You can choose to draw or watercolor, and you will be provided with the necessary tools and equipment.

Yeonpo Galbi


After about 20 years as the Yeonpo Communal Bath House, the building was renovated and repurposed into a galbi restaurant in 1999. The tall chimney of the bath house was kept and serves as the signboard. It has become a very popular Suwon-style galbi restaurant.


Arts & Crafts, and a Leisurely Walk
The arts and crafts studios in Haengridan-gil offer various programs in which you can make your very own one-of-a-kind artwork. The Temporary Palace at Hwaseong Fortress
is a popular nighttime destination offering charming and idyllic walks under the stars.

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