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Jeonpo Café Street is a hotspot in Busan where the aroma of coffee and characterful shops mingle with old hardware stores.

A High-Tech Hotspot Beloved by the MZ Generation


Siridan Street, a rising hot spot in Gwangju, Jeollanam-do, is not actually a road. It is a nickname for the commercial facilities around the Ssangam-dong area of Gwangsan-gu. People are attracted to the trendy fashion and culture as well as F&B stores, artistic spaces and new buildings, resulting in an influx of foot traffic. Let’s take a trip to this lively hotspot of the MZ generation where flavor, style and novelty can all be found together.

Synergy Created by Group of Commercial Facilities


Ssangam-dong, Gwangsan-gu, is a high-tech district of Gwangju full of cutting-edge companies engaged in AI and semiconductors. Because of its location on the outskirts of the city, it was not initially popular and was called a high-tech island.

However, as a large-scale housing complex was developed and the Synergy Tower Project to build six commercial facilities is underway, the area started to be called Siridan Street. The high-tech district that used to have only an industrial complex and empty lots has now changed into a hip neighborhood crowded with people in their 20s and 30s. The street was planned for six buildings, so three more will be built in the future. Then, Siridan Street will cater to Gwangju hipsters in diverse ways and have a greater impact when it happens.

MZ Hangout of Sensitivity and Style


Currently three buildings, Foreplay Cheomdan, Voyager Cheomdan and THE Synergy Cheomdan, form the new cultural area called Siridan Street.

The Synergy Cheomdan completed first in February 2019 and Foreplay Cheomdan built second catch people’s eyes with their polished exterior and multi-story structure. They draw attention with their stylish architecture, which won the Gwangju Architecture Awards in the non-residential category, and are becoming popular as a hot MZ playground. The Synergy Cheomdan is a shopping complex focused on lifestyle, and Foreplay is lined with popular restaurants and bars. Voyager, the third building, is mainly focused on fashion, with pubs, top restaurants, and health and beauty shops.

Siridan Street: Latest Trend for Travelers


Along the long canal, there are stepping stones in the middle with low trees and bushes on either side, ending in a mini waterfall between rocks, and visitors will be amazed that they are actually indoors. This is the stylishly designed Voyager Cheomdan shopping complex. True to its name, Voyager, the building is decorated to allow visitors to find the joy of travel and beauty in their everyday lives.

In particular, a charming canal decorated like a recreation area on S floor is a must-visit place for taking pictures.

Voyager, the attention-grapping fashion mall known for its sense and style, is becoming a key trendy commercial district in Siridan Street as stores in the mall are mostly select shops, not franchise brands.

Address│19-20 Imbangul-daero 826beon-gil, Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju

Way to go│25-minute taxi from Gwangju Sonjeong Station, KTX or Gwangju Subway Line 1

Synergy Tower:





Birthplace of Park Yongcheol



Asia Culture Centerl




1913 Songjeong Station Market


Dongchun Dabang


This gallery-like coffee and dessert café is a modern interpretation of a dabang (old-fashioned coffee shop). It serves Fritz Coffee and desserts like Bori Gwajeul (traditional Korean confectionery made with barley).

Lounge OIC


Walking down a red carpet and into the restaurant, you will be surprised by the exotic “oasis in a desert.” It features Middle East-style architecture with a real oasis and palm trees. It is operated as a café by day and and a pub by night.

Gwangju Springs & Dining


This famous shabu-shabu restaurant in Foreplay has a Japanese hot springinspired interior with a charming terrace featuring a beautiful cityscape. Popular menus include the Deep-fried Truffles over Rice and Roasted Beef Steak.



This Chinese restaurant serves American Chinese food reinterpreted to satisfy Korean taste buds. This restaurant boasts a simple yet stylish interior.



This fusion Korean pub features a spacious and chic interior. It serves about 170 different types of traditional liquors brewed in Korea along with unconventional Korean dishes.

Korean Pub Owl Mt. Cabin
(Gwangju Cheomdan Branch)


This pub makes customers feel like they are in a log cabin in the mountains. The antique wooden interior and variety of great tasting menus make this pub popular even among non-drinkers.


Also Nearby
In addition to Siridan-gil, there are many exotic and unique buildings nearby, such as Acreta Cheomdan. Especially known for row of palm trees, Acreta houses an American-style pizza parlor, a Chinese pub that will take you to the 1990s of Hong Kong, a chic bakery and much more.

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