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If someone asks where the hot place in Seoul is, Seongsu-dong Café Street is probably the first thing that comes to your mind.

A Hotspot with a Mix of the Old and the Unexplored


If someone asks where the hot place in Seoul is, Seongsu-dong Café Street is probably the first thing that comes to your mind. When the alleys full of old factories and shoemakers began to transform into a stylish café street, people started to call the area the East London of Seoul. You might think you know the street well and regard it as somewhat washed-up—after all, it has been a while since the street became popular. But don’t be so quick to pass judgement. New cafés, bakeries cultural complexes and select shops are continuously opening up around here, creating a hip atmosphere. That’s why Seongsu-dong Café Street is a hotspot that balances familiarity with fresh discoveries.

An Old Industrial Area Transformed into a Hotspot


When coming down from the Seongsu subway station on the elevated railway, visitors encounter the surrounding industrial areas leading to Seongsu-dong Café Street. Going through such a grey area to reach a sweet and gorgeous café street represents the coexistence of disparate charms in the area.

Seongsu-dong was an industrial area full of leather/hide factories, garages and warehouses from the 1970s to early 2000s. However, with changes in industries and a foreign-exchange crisis, the handmade shoe factories started to close and the entire area became a slum.
However, a wind of change started blowing through rundown Seongsu-dong when young artists began gathering one by one, attracted by the low rent.

In addition, vintage-style artistic cafés, such as Daelim Changgo and Grandpa Factory, that recreated old spaces including warehouses and old factories, began to open one after another, and the young generation started to visit. Adding artistic sensibility and trends to the past of old factories was what made Seongsu-dong a hotspot.

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Brooklyn in Korea Where Social Butterflies Line Up

To find charm in Seongsu-dong, visitors should venture further into the alleys where it feels like travelling back through time. Between battered old walls and buildings, stylish cafés, select shops, gift shops and studios are opening. Hot bakeries and cafés are being introduced as Instagrammable spots, and there are many places with social butterflies lining up to get in.

In particular, Seongsu-dong became this trendy street visited by many people because of its spaces with unique charm where existing facilities have been converted into cultural spaces and performance venues. That is why it is compared with Bankside in London, England, and also is often said to resemble Brooklyn in New York City, the United States—it used to be filled with factories but transformed into a borough of art and start-ups as artists and entrepreneurs gathered in the area.

Shrine for Pop-up Stores and Priming Water for Trendy Culture


Numerous select shops and trendy shops are clustered on Seongsu-dong Café Street. In particular, starting with a pop-up store by luxury brand Dior, designer brands such as Channel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton and many other companies have come, making Seongsu-dong a shrine for pop-up stores. Companies are paying attention to Seongsu-dong because the MZ generation, who value experience and sharing, come here.

In this way, Seongsu-dong is not only a hotspot; it is also turning over a new leaf as an area that is leading cultural trends in fashion, entertainment and F&B.

Address│2-ga Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

Way to go│5-minute walk from Exit 3 of Seongsu Station, Seoul Subway Line 2




Seoul Forest





Hangang Park








Grandpa Factory


An old factory was remodeled and reborn as a coffee shop + cultural complex. The rustic exterior and stylish interior create a uniquely vintage atmosphere. It was featured in the drama Vincenzo, and the variety show Hangout with Yoo.



This is a newly opened bakery famous for its variety of breads and bagels. The lines at Ollo can get long, so to get your hands on their freshly baked goods, you should stop here first, then continue your tour of Seongsu-dong.

Café Onion


This newtro-style coffee shop sits in a building constructed in the 1970s. Baked goods made on the 2nd floor sell out as soon as they arrive on the 1st floor. Spaces within the store are separated yet organically connected.


A barista from Italy greets guest at Frolla, which features a bright pink signboard. They are best known for the variety of espresso menus, as well as desserts like Espresso Tiramisu and brunch plates.

Peaches D8ne 2.0


Recently renovated, D8ne 2.0 houses a spacious yard that can host various pop-up events, the retail shop “Peaches D8one,” which sells Peaches’ clothing and accessories, the coffee and dessert shop “Peaches Cream Shop,” and the charcuterie “Salt House.”

Seongsu Yeonbang


A chemical factory was remodeled and converted into a cultural complex. Unique must-visit restaurants, cafés and shops are housed in two buildings connected by red columns. It also hosts various pop-up stores and events.


Popular Photo Spots
Dior Seongsu is one of the most popular photo spots in the neighborhood. The best time to take pictures is when the sun starts to set. The clock tower next to Dior Seongsu is also popular, especially when the lights are turned on.

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