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Narrow and plain, this alley of subtle and simple color is now filled with waves of art and romance.

An Art Tour to Tongyeong and Its Cobalt Blue Sea


Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do is the gate of the Hallyeosudo Waterway where the Dadohae (the sea with many small islands between Yeosu and Mokpo) spreads out and also where you can feel the lives of artists. In this city, if you go up any slightly high hill, a deep blue sea unfolds before you. Artists from Tongyeong include musician Yun I-sang, painter Jeon Hyuck Lim, poet Yoo Chi-hwan and writer Park Gyeong-ri. Bongsugol Village, where you can see the traces of Jeon Hyuck Lim, known as the painter of cobalt blue sea, is becoming popular as an alley steeped in art, and more and more people are visiting the area. Narrow and plain, this alley of subtle and simple color is now filled with waves of art and romance.

Painter Jeon Hyuck Lim Street ᅳ A Beautiful Street in Bongsugol Village


At the entrance of Bongsugol Alley exuding artistic fragrance stands a stone marker that says Street of Jeon Hyuck Lim, a master of modern art. Bongsugol Alley has been designated Painter Jeon Hyuck Lim Street by Tongyeong-si to honor Jeon Hyuck Lim (1915 ᅳ 2010) who pioneered abstract painting in Korea, and is also called the Beautiful Street of Bongsugol Village.

While walking through the alley looking at the scenery where the painter’s artwork has been recreated using tiles on the walls, you will see The Jeon Hyuck Lim Museum of Art.

This gorgeous, elegant building with outer walls decorated with his works is a piece of art itself. The museum houses more than 80 art works created by Jeon over 30 years, 50 materials, such as art supplies, and photos and illustrated poems providing a glimpse of his life; these are on permanent display. The deep blue, reminiscent of the sea off Tongyeong that earned the artist the nickname, the painter of cobalt blue and sea, catches the eyes along with his distinctive and vivid colors.

Bookstore Next to the Art Museum: A Cultural Gathering Space

Right next to The Jeon Hyuck Lim Museum of Art is a special bookstore called Bookshop Bomnal. This is a culture and art space and also a hot landmark of Bongsugol Village. What attracts attention here is quotes from the works of artists who had a close ties to Tongyeong, such as Park Gyeong-ri, Kim Chun-su, Yun I-sang, Yoo Chi-hwan and Baek Seok.

Book talks, one-day classes and exhibitions are held in themed rooms that consist of Sea Bookstore, Children’s’ Bookstore, Book Reading Kitchen and Room of Writer. As the bookstore became a place of culture gathering and a hotspot of Bongsugol Village, it even won the first prize (Prime Minster Award) of the Good Place Award in 2019.

An Alley Steeped in Art with the Fragrance of the Blue Sea


As artists from various areas gathered in Bongsugol Village known for its stunning spring cherry blossoms, it gained attention as an artistic alley.

The neighborhood, once well-known for braised dishes, is now filled with more than 30 cozy spaces, including charming and characteristic cafés and restaurants, leather craft workshops and black-and-white photo studios, along with various craft workshops for quilting, oriental painting, embroidery, illustration, calligraphy, and so on. In addition, the old saunas and tea rooms that still remain add a touch of quaintness.

Although the alley is simple and plain, you will feel subtle scent of culture and art and the fragrance of the blue sea.

Address│10 Bongsu 1-gil, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

Way to go│20-minute taxi from Tongyeong Bus Terminal



Tongyeong Cable Car



Skyline Luge Tongyeong



Mireuksan Mountain





This delicious dessert café is located across the grand guardian tree in the Bongsutgol Alley. The large windows of the red brick building offer cozy views of the village.

Salon, Hosim


This is a cultural salon and café operated by illustrator Bapjang. It aims to imitate Hosim Coffee Shop, which used to be a symbol of Tongyeong’s salon culture. Visitors can read a book by the window with a view of the well maintained garden and charming pond.

Traveling Witch


This is a small place of rest and a boutique that sells gifts, such as souvenirs and blended teas, to remember Tongyeong by. Sunset Glow and Spring Flower are blended teas that can be tried at the store.



This Japanese restaurant is famous for tendon, or tempura rice bowl. The simple white exterior blends in with the serene alleys of Bongsutgol Village. Visitors can enjoy crispy fried tempura, as well as other menus.

Gimseonsaeng Chungmu Gimbap


Chungmu was the former name of Tongyeong, and Tongyeong is the birthplace of the famous Chungmu gimbap. If you are looking for a place to try Chungmu gimbap, this is the place to go.



A house was repurposed into a black-and-white photo studio where visitors can make unforgettable memories of Tongyeong. Posing for black-and-white pictures can bring back old memories and also create new memories.


Fun Festivals
Various seasonal events, such as the Bongsutgol Cherry Blossom Festival in spring and the Jeon Hyuck Lim Art Festival and Bongsutgol Hwayangyeonhwa
Festival in fall, are held in Bongsutgol Village.
To see the festivals, be sure to check the
schedule before visiting.

ⓒ Tongyeong-si

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