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Let's head to the energetic and

hip Pocha Street in Hipjiro.

Hipjiro: A Hot Spot for Beer Lovers


For travelers who are curious about food stalls in K-dramas or movies, Euljiro Pocha Street in Seoul is the place to go. The Euljiro area is known as a hip place among foreign tourists and the MZ generation for its trendy ambience that seamlessly blends the past and present, so it earned the nickname Hipjiro. The throngs of people drinking around outdoor tables is a unique experience on its own. Let's head to the energetic and hip Pocha Street in Hipjiro.

©rawkkim on Unsplash

Transformation of Printer’s Alley into Colorful Hipjiro at Night


The streets around Euljiro 3-ga, where printing houses run their presses continuously throughout the day, become crowded with people at night. This area used to be called Chungmuro Printer’s Alley, due to its numerous print shops. However, in the 2000s, an increasing number of businesses left Euljiro as the printing industry declined. Starting about four or five years ago, restaurants, cafés and bars began to pop up in the vacated buildings, and Euljiro transformed into the new Hipjiro that the MZ generation is so wild about.

Nowadays, Pocha Street is making a night in Hipjiro even brighter.

Pocha (abbreviation of pojangmacha) means a food stall. From gilmaek (gil (street) + maek (beer)) at food stalls to gamaek (ga (store) + maek (beer)) in Nogari Alley to the food stalls lining the nearby roadside, a night in Euljiro stretches out long and wide, just like you are at a festival.

Special Delight in Gilmaek at the Food Stalls


When night comes to Nogari Alley, hundreds of folding tables appear in the streets around the large draft-beer bars, such as Manseon Hof and Munich Hof, turning the street into a pojangmacha where visitors can enjoy gilmaek and providing an exotic atmosphere like a night market in Southeast Asia.

The main dishes are salty briquette-grilled dried young pollack, spicy sea snail salad, and crispy fried chicken, all with a glass of beer. Casually eating and drinking on the street at the center of Seoul will feel so hip.

Every alley is packed with youth, and the forked alley is filled with a unique city night fever.

Euljiro Pojangmacha, the Mecca of Hipsters


Pojangmacha with red overhangs and a familiar design line the roadside near Nogari Alley. You’ll feel great enjoying food stalls in the center of Seoul, even without doing anything special. It is relaxing to eat snacks such as rolled omelets, dried young pollack and sea snails, surrounded by the boisterous crowd, and end your tiring day with a glass of soju (Korean distilled spirit) or beer.

Especially for generation Z, pojangmacha is popular as a new and fun culture they used to only experience at festivals. The night air of hip Euljiro will be unforgettable for foreign travelers as well.

Address│Eulji-ro 13-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

Way to go│Exit 4 of Euljiro 3-ga Station, Seoul Subway Line 2 or 3



SBA Seoul Animation Center



Cheonggyecheon Stream



HiKR Ground



Champ Coffee Roasters


This coffee shop is located in an old arcade. Their signature menus are the frothy Flat White and sweet Euljiro Coffee. The Ristretto, which is a short shot of a concentrated espresso, and Drip Coffee made with carefully selected coffee beans are also popular.



Located on the 2nd floor of a printing shop, this unique café and bar doesn’t have a signboard. They serve unusual dishes, such as Sandcake, which is a cake on the outside and sandwich on the inside.

Coffee Hanyakbang


This retro-style café opened at the site of a former hyeminseo, a government office of the Joseon era in charge of medicine and treatment for commoners. Visitors can order drinks here and desserts at Hyemindang, which shares the space with Coffee Hanyakbang.

The Edge


This is a record shop and bar introduced as a “hidden gem of Euljiro” by the New York Times. You can enjoy hand drip coffee, alcoholic beverages, housemade sourdough pizza and good music all in one place.

Euljiro Brewing (Eulji Maegok)

This is a “hip” beer pub where you can enjoy ice cold craft beer in a club-like atmosphere. You can choose from a great selection of craft beers, and their food menus are also popular.

ACE Four Club

Renovated from the 60-year-old Ihwa Tea House in Euljiro, ACE Four Club exudes the true “Euljiro” vibe. Visitors can enjoy a variety of alcoholic drinks and snacks.


HiKR Ground, Your Guide to Korean Culture

Short for “Hi, Korea,” HiKR Ground is the promotional venue of the Korea Tourism Organization located within the Seoul Center of the Organization. Visitors can experience various hallyu contents, such as K-pop, dramas, movies, and more through smart technology and media art. Especially at the “Subway” and “Laundromat” on the 2nd floor, visitors can recreate scenes from music videos. The Tourist Information Center of the 5th floor also provides information on traveling in Korea.

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